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Marianne Glynn - Simply Matchless CEO



My Story

WOW - Can you believe I have been with Scentsy for 14 years! It has been an amazing ride - from a part-time gig, to a full time work from home gig and now an amazing side gig in my retirement.

I'd love to share Scentsy with you! You can just simply get your favorite Scentsy stuff here on my website OR

Host a Scentsy Party!! I love traditional ,in-home gatherings! Invite some friends over, we'll smell the testers, play games, and get to see and try many of the products in person! Short on time? Tote Parties are a fun way to share Scentsy!
Take a small spattering of testers, and small products with you on your everyday errands collecting orders from friends, family, co-workers... and pretty much anyone you run into throughout your day! OR

Short on funds? Join my simply matchless Consultant Group! You can work Scentsy at your paceI know it is the BEST $99 I ever spent!!

So, please... stick your nose in my business and find out why I still love sharing Scentsy!

Marianne Glynn - YOUR Independent Scentsy Consultant

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