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Your Consultant is Marianne Glynn

My Story

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. My Scentsy story is simple - in July, 2008, a friend sent me information about a company she had joined. I liked the Scentsy concept - safety and simplicity. I liked I could share Scentsy with others while earning some money. I liked that Scentsy was something I could do while working full-time. So on August 28, 2008, I became a Scentsy Consultant. I received my kit and immediately knew this was the best $99 I had ever spent!

In 2012, I retired from the corporate world. Scentsy fit right into my retirement plans. I could travel in our RV with my husband and take my business with me. I love sharing Scentsy with people everywhere we visit.

Fast forward to today... I have met some wonderful people, I have regular customers, I have new customers and I work with an awesome team of Consultants. For me, sharing Scentsy is easy because I don't love it because I sell it, I sell it because I really love Scentsy!

Would like to purchase Scentsy? Or earn FREE and half-price Scentsy hosting a party? Or learn how Scentsy can fit into your life? Then please stick your nose in my business! I'd love to share Scentsy with you!!

Marianne... Your Independent Scentsy Consultant